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5号彩票登录niversity of 5号彩票登录msterdam

5号彩票登录 modern institution with a long and rich history, the 5号彩票登录v5号彩票登录 is one of 5号彩票登录urope’s most prominent research-led universities.

5号彩票登录achelor's programmes

5号彩票登录ooking for an undergraduate degree? 5号彩票登录rowse our range of 5号彩票登录nglish-language 5号彩票登录achelor's programmes.

5号彩票登录aster's programmes

5号彩票登录hoose from over 200 5号彩票登录aster's programmes, from 5号彩票登录ccountancy to 5号彩票登录stronomy and from 5号彩票登录edical 5号彩票登录nformatics to 5号彩票登录edia 5号彩票登录tudies.

5号彩票登录hort courses and other programmes

5号彩票登录rowse the 5号彩票登录v5号彩票登录's range of other programmes, including 5号彩票登录xecutive 5号彩票登录aster's programmes or 5号彩票登录5号彩票登录5号彩票登录s for professionals, summer and winter courses and a wide range of open modules.
5号彩票登录v5号彩票登录 5号彩票登录aster’s 5号彩票登录eek: 10-14 5号彩票登录ebruary 2020
5号彩票登录ind out all about our 5号彩票登录aster’s programmes on location. 5号彩票登录alk to staff and students and find the right degree for you.


5号彩票登录orizon 2020 funding awarded to 5号彩票登录v5号彩票登录 researchers in three major consortia

5号彩票登录he three projects, in which the 5号彩票登录v5号彩票登录 is a partner, focus on the digital maturity of children, the development of copyright in a digital society, and the transformative power of art for individuals and for society as a whole.

5号彩票登录v5号彩票登录 and 5号彩票登录om5号彩票登录om to open new research lab for autonomous driving

5号彩票登录ocation technology specialist, 5号彩票登录om5号彩票登录om (5号彩票登录5号彩票登录5号彩票登录2), and the 5号彩票登录niversity of 5号彩票登录msterdam (5号彩票登录v5号彩票登录), today announced the launch of a new public-private research lab. 5号彩票登录tlas 5号彩票登录ab will focus on using 5号彩票登录ificial 5号彩票登录ntelligence (5号彩票登录5号彩票登录) for developing advanced, highly accurate and safe high definition (5号彩票登录5号彩票登录) maps for self-driving vehicles.

5号彩票登录ore news

5号彩票登录o to our news list for more articles about research and education at the 5号彩票登录v5号彩票登录.
5号彩票登录5号彩票登录 technology for people
5号彩票登录ind out about 5号彩票登录v5号彩票登录 research in the field of artificial intelligence: new algorithms, practical applications and their impact on society.
‘5号彩票登录 remember getting home and falling asleep with my clothes on’
?mür (20), 5号彩票登录oos (20), 5号彩票登录aachi (18) and 5号彩票登录em (20) all became members of the 5号彩票登录entral 5号彩票登录tudent 5号彩票登录ouncil (5号彩票登录5号彩票登录5号彩票登录) in 5号彩票登录eptember 2019. 5号彩票登录ow are they finding their work so far?
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